WakeUp n Succeed

WakeUp n Succeed

Sleep is for those who don’t want success.

Look at it this way, there are 24 hours in a single day. On average a person sleeps for about 8 hours. That leaves 16 hours. Let’s say it takes 1 hour to wash, brush your teeth and get dressed and and another 2 hours to eat and get to where you need to be (we all know how Jo’burg traffic is). So that leaves 13 hours. Then there is all that time spent on the phone (calls and texting) and general chatting with whoever, lets say that accumulates to 1 hour, that leaves 11 hours. Then there is the lunch hour so there are 10 hours left. Traveling back home about an hour so 9 left. Back home you’ll probably want to “relax”, “unwind” and eat dinner so that could be 2 hours. 8 left. Thats 8 hours a person has left in order to be productive in a day.

If you want to be successful you only have 8 hours a day in order to do it. 8 hours are normal working hours, that means even the person who has zero ambition, zero drive works for around 8 hours. If you think that you can be successful with just 8 hours a day to do it in then you’re wrong. So whats the solution? The answer I came to was work harder, work longer, work smarter. Simply no T.V. no sleep.

The most successful person I know achieved success by sleeping later than most, waking up earlier than most, working longer than most and working harder than most. People always ask me how she does it because she’s the first one in and the last one out. It’s simple. Hunger.

You can’t be successful if you’re not hungry for it. You got to want it just like you want that breath of air when you’re about to drown. When you’re about to drown you’re not worried about the next party, not worried about what’s on T.V., not worried about this girl or that guy. All that’s on your mind is that breath of air.

Some people want success but only kinda want it. They don’t want to be successful more than they want that 8 hours of sleep. They would rather sleep than put in the work needed to become successful. There is that thing that people say when you’ve missed a great opportunity, they say “you were sleeping”. You were too busy sleeping and you missed the chance to be successful. I am not trying to be that guy.

So sleep? Psssh sleep is for those who don’t want success and I’m hungry for it…starving, famished, ravenous in fact and I’ve been fasting for way too long. You can sleep, I’m gonna do this work.

No T.V. No Sleep! True story.

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  1. adopt says:

    Hard work has never forgotten anyone…

  2. Busi says:

    okay,interesting view on the hour distribution. i agree with hunger being the drive to ones success.so succeed, all the best.see you on success lane.

    • kgethi says:

      The hour distribution is very interesting especially if you consider the fact that one needs to invest 10000 hours of consistent practice to develop expertise in anything that one wants to master. So you can check how many hours you need per day to develop expertise i whatever you are working on.
      See you on the success fastlane :-)

  3. Mbali says:

    Wow wise words indeed, I didn’t realize that there is hours I wasted, thank you for work up call Tsolo.

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