You can’t let fear get in the way of your dreams, fear does nothing but create boundaries. We’re too comfortable with what we have now. We’re attached to it. We don’t want anything to change. We’re afraid to change, to progress, to take on something bigger than anything we have achieved before but that’s the only way to better ones self. You have to do something harder, something challenging, and something that is outside of your comfort zone and that’s often scary.

Some of us are too afraid to give our all or even too afraid to start something big in fear of failing. We think that since we didn’t run the race that we’re exempt from losing and disappointment. That’s a lie. Not even running the race just makes you a loser before the race even begins. See those who run the race, give it their all, push themselves and don’t necessarily “win” have already gained something. They’ve gained the experience and knowledge required to Fear Notimprove and work on themselves so that for the very race they can achieve better than they did before. However the one who was too scared, too afraid to try gained absolutely nothing. That person is in exactly the same place they were in before, stagnated, just as inexperienced and as clueless as before.

Of course fear can also be a motivator. Instead of a fear of failure, fear of being mediocre or not being given the opportunity to fail because an opportunity to fail is also an opportunity to succeed. I had a fear of not actualizing my potential and for a long time I chose to not even try because I had that misguided belief that 0% effort was equivalent to 0% failure. I then realized 0% effort equated 100% failure and so logically 100% effort equals 0% failure because one only fails when one stops, give up or quit but there is no way anyone can fail if they keep going. So that’s what I did, no correction, that’s what I am doing. See I analogized that the road to success is not just a single sprint from A to B. It’s more of a decathlon where there will be things you have an affinity for and things that you’re not too great at but they are all things that must be completed in order to reach the goal.

You can’t occupy your mind with thoughts of “oh what if this doesn’t work”. You have to believe in the process and the end result and that way you will reach your goal. You have to believe in yourself because if you don’t believe in yourself then how do you expect anyone to believe in you. Believe that you can push further than your limits, be hungry to improve, have an appetite for success and maybe you’ll taste it. I wanna taste success, I’ve heard it’s sweet and you may not know but I have one heck of a sweet tooth.

No T.V, No Sleep.

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  1. It’s true that fear can really trip us up. It may be fear of failure, or that you don’t believe in yourself. But if you just chunk your problem, it helps. Think of how to move(or eat?) an elephant. Bit by bit. And try to surround yourself with positive people, or someone who shares your goals. Boost each other, instead of pulling each other down. Each little victory over fear will make you stronger!!

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