Never Give Up!

Never Give Up!

imagesThere is a person. This person makes no mistakes. This person always excels in whatever it is they do. In school they got the top grades. They may have played a sport and were probably the captain if they did. This person is naturally gifted and doesn’t need to practice or study much because everything is kinda easy.This person is quite brilliant but I don’t admire this person. There is someone else though, another person.

This other person makes plenty of mistakes. This person is not naturally gifted in everything, there are some things he is good at but not in a prodigy sense. Actually there are many other things that this person is outright terrible at. This person knows very well what it is to fail at something, sometimes more than once but this person doesn’t give up. This person learns from mistakes and makes sure that the next attempt will be better than the last.
I admire this person because can’t is not in their vocabulary. I admire this person because even after everyone said “no” or “you can’t” this person decided to go for it in spite of that. He/she decided to put in the work, the time, decided to grind all to take steps closer towards that goal that was set. This person is willing to go through anything and learn from anything including his/her own failure because failure shows you where you need to improve and thus you become better from learning from it.

One should not give up too easily. Just because you didn’t succeed the first time doesn’t mean that you should abandon your dream. Not all things come easy as is the nature of things that are worth doing. Think about it. If that difficult thing you’re trying to attain was a simple task then everyone would have attained it right? You just need to be different. You need to work harder and turn that failure into a lesson on how to become better. Don’t see failure as a setback but rather as an opportunity.

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